RV Travel Blogs Gain Popularity

It seems the day has finally come where tradition and family meet cutting edge technology. Some may find irony with those who use their RV to escape the hustle bustle of every day life, just to sit down at a desk and work on the internet! However, with the ever-increasing popularity of the blogosphere, laptops, and easy access to the internet, WHY NOT?

While it may be a new concept to some, the RV industry saw this trend coming many years ago. Most fifth wheels and motor homes offer floor plans equipped with built in desks or workstations and many RV parks and campgrounds offer wireless broadband connections. You can even get in-motion high speed internet in the more expensive diesel pushers.

Forget about all the technical aspects though and think about your own experiences. How many times have you seen an adorable chipmunk, an amazing sunset, or something outrageous like a 134′ tall thermometer while traveling and exclaimed “Oh, I wish so-and-so were here to see this?” Now, with just a couple clicks of a button, they can!

With advancements in technology, you can get crystal clear and breathtaking pictures and video instantly! There are many easy-to-use and free sites to host your blog, pictures, and your video too!

They say that if your life is worth living, it’s worth recording… and what a wonderful way to record all the sights, sounds, and yes, even mishaps that happen along the way! Some people blog for a cause, others to keep in touch with family and friends, and still others as a virtual journal of their travels. Whatever the reason, it’s wonderful. After reviewing your favorite travel blogs, there’s often a new appreciation for life and a renewed vision of the future – a REAL ONE where anyone can traverse this grand country with joy in their heart, wonder in their eyes, and a camera in hand!

It’s an exciting time to watch these two drastically different worlds come together. After all, who wouldn’t love something that inspires you to make new memories, see new places, meet new people, and set out on a journey of endless possibilities?

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