How to Write Great Travel Blog Titles

This post shows you how to write great post titles. Are you looking for more visitors to your travel blog? One key is writing post titles that contain keywords and that at the same time are attention grabbing. Here is how:


These days it is easy to go unnoticed. I worked hard on a blog post about Cordoba province in Argentina. Alas, this post, that I worked so hard on, never got more than a few views over several months. So, I decided it was time to do something.

EXAMPLE 1 – Original Title.

Of brunettes, fernet con coca and UFOs…

I thought it was clever, it sounded quite poetic and literary.

Improved title:

How to see a UFO in Cordoba, Argentina.

That gets your attention! It´s a cheeky post title, because I don´t tell you really how to see UFOs but where to see them (if you believe in them of course!). A post title that begins, ´How to…´ is a proven marketing technique that WORKS! Suddenly this post became one of my most searched for posts, quadrupling the number of views in only a week.


ITBC youth rally, 2008, Holland.

The ‘ITCB’ for example is an organisation that only people who collect travel memorobilia are likely to know about. So wanting to sensationalise the post title as much as possible it became this:

Bizarre travel collections: Shrunken heads from Peru.

And again it became one of my most popular posts. The second post title tells you a lot more about the content and it really piques a persons curiousity.



The original titles contains no keywords (words that people are going to use in a search engine to find your post), so not many people are going to see the post. However, How to see a UFO in Cordoba, Argentina has the keywords HOW TO, SEE, UFO and ARGENTINA, words that people are very likely to search for in Google, if for example they want to find out info on where and how to see UFOs in Argentina.


ITBC youth rally, 2008, Holland is a very technical title that is going to confuse and put many people off having a look at the post. Bizarre travel collections: Shrunken heads from Peru contains the keywords SHRUNKEN, HEAD, PERU and COLLECTION, all things that people are likely to look for in Google.

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